New recording of John Jeffreys Violin Concerto

10 years ago I conducted a new recording of John Jeffreys’ Violin Concerto (1951) with Zsolt-Tihamér Visontay and the Philharmonia Orchestra but the composer died two weeks before the recording and it was never released. It is now on YouTube and it includes a short video introduction by myself. It’s a very profoundly moving and beautiful piece. Please click this link:

2 thoughts on “New recording of John Jeffreys Violin Concerto”

  1. This is amazing. It must be the tenth time I’ve listened to it. Absolutely beautiful. I was wondering if there was any chance of this being released on vinyl?

    1. Dear Carl, It is indeed very lovely. If one day I can find a record company interested in taking it on I would hope that both CD and vinyl would be possible. Meanwhile it’s in the right place as it has received 1140 views in three months. I very much doubt you would sell that many CDs in a year.

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