Clarinet Carnival with Mark Walton (clarinet)
Haydn, Mendelssohn and Gershwin with the Kammerspiel Piano Trio
‘Hobson’s Choice’ – Helen Hobson, Cliff Richard and Kammerspiel
‘Seven Last Words’, 3 Piano Trios by Ian Wilson – Kammerspiel Piano Trio
‘Toby’s Dreams’ – music by John Jeffries


Haydn – ‘Nelson’ Mass, Parry – I Was Glad Stationers’ School Choir, PB playing the organ, aged 14.



‘Idylls and Elegies’ – the music of John Jeffreys – with the Philharmonia Orchestra
Not yet released – ‘Violin Concerto’ by John Jeffreys – soloist Zsolt-Tihamér Visontay with the Philharmonia Orchestra

For Sarah Brightman

‘Timeless’ – with the London Symphony Orchestra
‘Eden’ – with the English National Orchestra
‘La Luna’ – with the English National Orchestra and City of Prague Philharmonic
‘Classics’ – with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
‘Symphony’ – with the London Symphony Orchestra


Solo Vocal albums:

‘A Soprano in Hollywood’ – Lesley Garrett and the BBC Concert Orchestra
‘A Tenor at the Movies’ – Tito Beltran / City of Prague Philharmonic
‘Make Believe – the Hollywood Baritones’ – Jason Howard / City of Prague Philharmonic
‘On and Off Stage’ – with Dave Willetts and the Philharmonia Orchestra

Film music recordings conducting the City of Prague Philharmonic:

‘Born on the 4th of July’ – music from the films of Tom Cruise –
Christmas Choral Classics / Crouch End Festival Chorus
Cinema Café – Continental film music
Cinema Century – 3 CD film music compilation
Cinema Choral Classics 2 / Crouch End Festival Chorus
‘Dr. Strangelove’ – Music from the films of Stanley Kubrick
‘Dr. Zhivago’ – The film music of Maurice Jarre
‘Man of Galilee’ – Alfred Newman film music collection
‘The Godfather Trilogy’ – music from all three films. Album nominated for Classical Brit award 2002
‘A History of Hitchcock’ Vol. 1
‘A History of Hitchcock’ Vol. 2
‘Psycho’ – The Essential Alfred Hitchcock album
‘Schindlers’ List’ – The film music of John Williams
‘Shakespeare at the Movies’
‘Space 3 – beyond the final frontier’
‘Swashbucklers of the Silver Screen’ – Korngold / Waxman / Rozsa
‘The Cardinal’– The film music of Jerome Morross
‘The Mission’ – The film music of Ennio Morricone
‘The Valley of Gwangi’ – The film music of Jerome Morross
‘Torn Curtain’ – The film music of Bernard Herrmann
‘True Grit’ – music from the films of John Wayne
Warriors of the Silver Screen


Al’s Brother Dave – Royal Philharmonic – Heap
Amanda Thompson and Friends – Royal Philharmonic – EMI
Andrew Lloyd Webber – Love Songs – Royal Philharmonic – Silva Screen
Barbara Hendricks sings Gershwin – Guildhall Strings
José Carreras – album ‘Around The World’
‘Noël/Cole – Let’s Do It!’ – 2 pianos with Jason Carr, David Kernan, Louise Gold, Liz Robertson
The Best of Broadway – Royal Philharmonic Orchestra – Edel Records
‘FILMHARMONIC’ – contemporary film music with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 2005.
Myrra Malmberg album ‘Another World’ with the Norskopping Symphony Orchestra
Lucy Kay – Fantasia – Operatic Arias
Rebecca Newman Album – ‘Dare To Dream’