Another bit of history

In 2006 I shared the podium at the Royal Albert Hall with the legendary John Barry in a concert of his music. We first met the night before and went out for dinner. We got on like a house on fire! A treasured memory.

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  1. Dear Paul

    Ennio Morricone’s masterful piece ‘Gabriel’s Oboe’ is one of the most beautiful melodies and, in my opinion, your recording conducting the Prague Philharmonic is the best, even better than the composer’s. However, a large amount of credit lies with your oboist whose rendition of the piece makes it stand out above all other recordings. Unfortunately his or her name is not written or mentioned anywhere. Perhaps you would be kind enough to let me know who he or she is and I will pass it on to Classic fm for a mention next time they play your CD.

    Best wishes
    Stewart Gellatly

    1. Dear Stewart, thank you for your message and for your appreciation. The recording was probably made in the late 1990s so it’s going to be difficult to find out the oboist’s name. However I am recording again in Prague next weekend and I will endeavour to find out. Either way I will let you know. All best wishes.

    2. Dear Stewart,

      I’ve just returned from another two days recording in Prague and have endeavoured to find the answer to your question about the oboe soloist on our recording of Gabriel’s Oboe. We can’t be absolutely certain as there’s no documentary evidence but it is most likely to have been Zdenek Rys who was principal oboe with the orchestra for many years and particularly during the time when the recording was made. I hope it helps to put a name to a performance and I would add that those concerned who were there at the time are confident of its accuracy. All best wishes. Paul

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